Saturday, July 18, 2009

Little Boots Debut Album dropped 1 month ago.

Little Boots, the DIY electropop musician/singer whom I discovered at Jools Holland in Youtube, has released her debut called HANDS last month, I found out with some random googling.

She started out humbly by posting various bedroom videos of her making music with her ultra-cool Tenori-On, and various keyboards. I am liking the new breed of electropop artistes like her and Lykke Li who use simple things like hand claps or simple piano chords to churn out electronic music that is distinct from the rest in the scene.

Give her music a preview by downloading a mini-mix provided in her myspace page
to anyone who signs up for her mailing list.

I listen to the stuff she puts out and haven't disliked any of it. I am predicting that the album could contain many potential winners. Can't wait to get hold of her full album.

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