Friday, July 3, 2009

Music post #1. Latest tracks from Pitchfork that I like.

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Das Racist, eating their combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

I have always been an avid hunter of new music (commercial radio turns me off, literally), and Pitchfork has been my online guide to the latest alternative music. Of course, naysayers might argue that it might not be the best guide to alternative music. However, having a day job means having less time to rummage through the ocean of music blogs/websites for the best ones, and instead settling for convenient ones offering podcasts or the like.

I haven't visited Pitchfork of late, so visiting it a few days ago gave me a sensory jolt of music that I have been missing out on. I usually head for the "Best New..." section and get the latest album/track reviews there.

My favourites from the Best New Tracks section were:
  1. "Keep it goin' louder" by Major Lazer (ft Nina Sky and Ricky Blaze) - I won't hate r&b clubs if they played this.
  2. "Tunguska" by Cymbals Eat Guitars - You don't hear songs like these very often anymore.
  3. "Valiant Brave" by Ganglians - Don't be frightened off by the first minute, the song picks up after the spooky intro.
  4. "So Insane" by Discovery - Brilliant track. So many elements at work here.
  5. "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" (Wallpaper remix) by Das Racist - Hilarious.
  6. "Love the night away" (Tiedye Mix) by DJ Kaos - Reminds me of drinking beer by the swimming pool.
  7. "Yacht by Psychic City" - Reminds me of CSS and YYYs.
Visit Pitchfork's Best New Tracks to listen to all these tracks in one place. There are even free downloads for #5,#6,#7. Get track #2 for free by visiting their myspace and registering for their mailing list.

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