Friday, July 10, 2009

Stockholm Select : Streetstyle snapshots

Taken from one of my favourite streetstyle blogs, Stockholm Streetstyle.
Click on the pic for link to original blog post and photo.

DAM (ladies)

HERR (gentlemen)


  1. Lol. Everything you’ve ranted about on my blog is true.

    a) I can barely stand the staff at Topshop anymore (the only reason they used to be ok with me was because I worked there for a short time). They really do have some sort of attitude problem. Also, why is the range that we carry so crap? The first thing I did when I got back was try to apply for the Style Advisor position but I got discouraged because of the staff members.

    b) Speaking of Burberry, nobody held the door open for me though they managed to for some Middle Eastern women and when my boyfriend asked if they could help him check if they had some sizes in stock they flat out said no and that they were all out – he was ready to buy one if they had the one we were looking for in stock as well. They didn’t even smile or make an attempt to check their back room. But I think that’s all because of the fact that we’re in our early twenties. I’ve walked into quite a few stores in Pavilion and nobody’s shown me even a scrap of service and I’m pretty sure it’s because of my age.

    c) You’re right about sales assistants having absolutely no idea about fashion. What passes for style here does my head in. I am sick of this baby tee + hot pants + white heels combo girls seem to pull together here. And as for sales assistants – if I’m rummaging through a store’s entire denim section it’s only because I’m trying to look for the one non-whiskered/distressed/bleached out pair in the store.

    d) And have you noticed how people follow you around in stores? It squicks me out and I never know what the polite thing to do is. So if they come up really close, I get right into their personal space and try to stay there until they get the idea. I don’t need some lady in elasticized pants to tell me what size I am.

    Thanks for making my morning! Your comment was very entertaining. Sorry if I’ve left you a huge rant of my own. It must be much harder shopping here as a guy. My boyfriend isn’t having too much fun himself (his whole closet is beginning to consist of mainly Calvin Klein items). But Uniqlo looks promising!

    P.S – They still have no idea what raw denim is.

  2. Hey there Lelsy, thanks for making your way to my blog :)

    a) Oops, sorry to have offended ur ex employer :P. I think the attitude problem stems from the impression that they've 'made it' because they are working in an overseas fashion label. I don't know about the TopShop range, but TopMan in Malaysia has always been far less adventurous. Always the same predictable graphic tees and cargo shorts.

    b) I think that's because brands like Burberry aren't perceived as 'fashion' as much as it is perceived as 'luxury'? In the UK brands like Burberry and Gucci have crazy discounts twice a year, but here they are overpriced and have limited range (leather products, mostly). Sales people here don't know that overseas young people buy luxury items every now and then. That doesn't happen very often in Malaysia due to our income and poor exchange rate, so these sales hounds will go for the obviously rich Middle Eastern wives. Next time you step in, dress 'rich' and not 'fashionable/stylish' and you'd probably get the service you wanted from these shallow, biased people. In Malaysia it's (still) about being 'high class' lol.

    c)Let's not talk about 'fashion', Malaysians are clueless even when it comes to following trends. In menswear the trend toward pants have gone from skinny jeans in 2005 to shortened trousers in 2008. Yet, enter Gap in KL & you'd notice that they don't sell any jeans in slim cut. And don't get me started on the 'popped collar' in polo tees. It's 2009 and they're still at it!

    Girls in Malaysia (college-going ones) still have the mentality of the tighter/shorter, the better. They obviously have not visited Garance Dore's blog yet.

    And I am so sad that the denim appreciation that's going on worldwide never reached Malaysia. No Ksubi here..
    d) Put on your earphones! That worked for me ;)

    For men, affordable clothes tend to be of poor local design or low quality china stocks. On the other end, international brands are overpriced with limited stock. With the exchange rate, the average male professional can only afford the brands I mentioned in my Mega Sales article, at best.

    You'll notice that during sales/warehouse sales in KL they'll sell the oldest stocks and the worst looking clothes. You won't believe how some people will buy this crap just because of the brand.

    OK end of extended rant ;)