Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Best Feeling in the World (for me)

Sauntering along the banks of a Parisian canal on a summer night, following the lead of a band who performs with gentle vocals and light strumming. All I need is the love of my life walking next to me on that night, and I can declare my contentment in life.

Maybe I am a nocturnal person, but I love about coming out at night as long as the weather and personal security permits. I love it when a place finally settles down, and there are no crowds, traffic or noises to clout my view and mind. On holiday, it is not difficult to capture the essence of a place by strolling along the streets of a foreign city, walking along the beach, or looking out the balcony. But what I discover is that even the congested and impersonal Klang Valley could exude a different side in the quiet and darkness of the night (burglary/sex industry/drugs/alcohol notwithstanding). What a pleasant surprise that within the madness of KL and PJ lies hidden abodes that exude calm and character after the sun sets.

Visit La Blogotheque for more videos such as these- live performances by indie bands set in the most unexpected and unconventional places (high school, sidewalk, apartment building, elevator!) all around the great city of Paris.

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