Monday, July 13, 2009

I am stealing this look!

American Casual (probably Ame-kaji to this guy) done well, as captured by The Sartorialist.

I am in full support of the American Casual summer style to be adapted by more Malaysian men. Why not?
  • The style is relaxed and unpretentious, if you are afraid of being labelled an attention whore. (refer: picture above)
  • Most items are worn in relaxed/regular fit and not figure-hugging tight, if you're afraid of looking ghey. (refer: picture above)
  • Materials are lightweight, if you're afraid of getting soaked in sweat. And shorts are definitely acceptable! (refer: picture above)
  • The shirts are in bright summer colours that would look great in the Malaysian sun. (refer: here)
  • Most elements in American Casual clothes are time-tested classics, if you're afraid of ending up looking like a fashion mistake.
  • The styles are conventional, if you're afraid of looking too modern.
  • The colours and patterns can be modern, if you're afraid of looking too conventional. (refer: here)
So what IS the American Casual style? Discussing that would need a whole separate blog posting.
In the most superficial sense, it's (in terms of a 21st century summer):
gingham, summer plaid, seersucker, ribbon belts, boat shoes, loafers with no socks, Ivy League, East Coast, tailored shorts, plimsolls, madras, oxford button-downs, chinos, linen, repp ties, cardigans, cotton blazers, nylon raincoats
OK, I've found a way to shorten it to two words: Ralph Lauren. :)


  1. Agreed. Hate seeing those stupid who wear scarf and jacket under hot sun in Malaysia. Hope their brain develop abit. Don't you think so?

  2. But shorts and shirt combination is still rather unusual here :(

  3. Keat: Agree completely. And you know what I saw in the Curve yesterday? Some idiot wearing sunglasses at 2am in the parking lot!

    Chiaw: Yea it's true but I think if the shirt was quite loose then it would look quite OK.