Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potong Saga: Even 'The Making Of' video is funny

By now, I am sure that most people would have heard of 15Malaysia, and Potong Saga. Especially since it is all over Facebook and Twitter.

For those who haven't, where have you been? it is "15 short films about Malaysia featuring some of the country's coolest directors, actors, musicians and politicians". It features everyone, from the controversial Namewee (of 'Negarakuku' fame) to the late Yasmin Ahmad to Mix FM DJ Serena C to Khairy Jamaluddin (acting as a taxi driver!).

A new short film will be released every two days. At the time of this posting two videos have already been released to the very supportive public (just check out the number of Facebook fans, video downloads and comments made)- Ho Yuhang's "Potong Saga" and Yasmin Ahmad's "Chocolate".

For those who've watched it already, then you'd already know that 'Potong Saga' was absolutely hilarious. I bet a lot of Chinese guys can relate to this short film, because for those who may not know it, this circumcision thingy is one of the major concerns when one considers converting to Islam. What I bet you wouldn't know, though, is that "The Making Of" video for Potong Saga is JUST AS FUNNY. *I've embedded the videos at the end of this post.

In comparison, "Chocolate" by the late Yasmin Ahmad was a somber affair that examines race relations, resentment and even payback, possibly.

Even though this project is only at its early legs, I am of the opinion that this project has already succeeded in getting is message across. Just from these two videos alone, the average Malaysians can already catch a glimpse of what the Chinese community's opinions on finance and circumcision (in the first video), and education policies (in the second). I am sure the aim of this project is not to point out which opinion is right or wrong, but simply to get these opinions out in the open.

Now that the Chinese community has been heard, I am eager to see the viewpoints from other communities.

Here is the Potong Saga video, followed by it's "Making of" video. If you don't laugh at the end of the video, I recommend that you seek professional help.

And here is the second video, "Chocolate" directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad.

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