Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Annexe: Of Ramli Ibrahim and pipit indie craft market

One boring Saturday afternoon, I decided to pop by the Central Market Annexe for design community pipit's 3rd anniversary arts and craft market. The surprise of the day was to bump into the free dance performance happening next door, The Bull and the Cowherd. What an honour to have the opportunity to see classical Indian dance legend Ramli Ibrahim with Guna live in action, for free! It was a pleasure to experience the rhythmic moves and emotive facial expressions of classical Indian dance in person.

Next are pictures from the craft market itself. As the pictures show, the event was chock-a-block with visitors, many of them young DSLR-toting (design?) college students:

The highlight was the stall by Japan's MARI BRAND selling kawaii handmade dolls:

Adorable Christmas tree with handmade apple-faced baubles:

Other stalls sold everything handicraft: illustrations, drawing, greeting cards, dolls, ornaments, jewellery, patchwork:

Illustration art sold by this stall:

ps: I apologize for not ID-ing the last two stalls.

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